The Effect of Bangpungtongsungsan on Allergic Rhinitis Of Obese Mouse Fed High Fat Diet.

고지방식이로 비만을 유발한 마우스의 알레르기 비염에 대한 방풍통성산(防風通聖散)의 효과

Kim, Dong-Hyun;Hong, Seung-Ug

  • Received : 2015.12.18
  • Accepted : 2016.02.08
  • Published : 2016.02.25


Objective : For various reasons, Obesity & Rhinitis are constantly rising. So Interest of treatment has been expanding. We want to verify The Chungyeol (fire extinguishing) Lisup (Draining) effect of Bangpungtongsungsan on obese model of allergy rhinitis.Material and Methods : BALB/c mouse were divided four groups: control(CON), allergic induction(ARE), Bangpungtongsungsan extract administration(BTT), Bangpungtongsungsan double concentration extract administration (BT2T). Every group except control group were caused allergic rhinitis by Ovalbumin. BTT & BT2T were orally administered the Bangpungtongsungsan for 21days. Since then we observed the liver tissue cell and the nasal mucous membrane.Results : In comparison with ARE, experimental groups show relief of the nasal mucous membrane damage(secretion of mucus decrease, Itching decrease), Th2 eruption control(IL-4 decline), effect of anti-inflamatory(reducing TNF-α creation, decreasing of iNOS through NF-κB activation-inhibition). In addition, experimental groups show a loss in weight, diminished accumulation of fat. (decreasing within liver tissue, reducing TNF-α creation) BT2T is more effective to BTT.Conclusion : Bangpungtongsungsan treat obese model on allergy rhinitis thereby control fat augmentation, relieving inflammation.


Bangpungtongsungsan;allergy rhinitis;obesity;TNF-α;High Fat Diet


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