Properties of Working Electrodes with Nano YBO3:Eu3+ Phosphor in a Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

Noh, Yunyoung;Choi, Minkyoung;Kim, Kwangbae;Song, Ohsung

  • Received : 2015.11.23
  • Accepted : 2016.01.12
  • Published : 2016.03.31


We added 0 ~ 5 wt% $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ nano powders in a scattering layer of a working electrode to improve the energy conversion efficiency (ECE) of a dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC). FESEM and XRD were used to characterize the microstructure and phase. PL and micro Raman were used to determine the fluorescence and the composition of $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ phosphor. A solar simulator and a potentiostat were used to confirm the photovoltaic properties of the DSSC with $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$. From the results of the microstructure and phase of the fabricated $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ nano powders, we identified $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ having particle size less than 100 nm. Based on the microstructure and micro Raman results, we confirmed the existence of $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ in the scattering layer and found that it was dispersed uniformly. Through photovoltaic properties results, the maximum ECE was shown to be 5.20%, which can be compared to the value of 5.00% without $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$. As these results are derived from conversion of light in the UV range into visible light by employing $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$ in the scattering layer, these indicate that the ECE of a DSSC can be enhanced by employing an appropriate amount of $YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$.


Dye sensitized solar cells;Scattering layer;Energy conversion efficiency;$YBO_3:Eu^{3+}$


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