An acoustic and trawl pilot survey using a small vessel in Jinhae bay of the South Sea of South Korea

진해만에서 수행된 소형선박을 이용한 음향과 트롤 시험조사

PARK, Junseong;LEE, Jeong-hoon;HWANG, Kangseok;CHA, Hyung Kee;PARK, Junsu;KANG, Myounghee

  • Received : 2016.01.27
  • Accepted : 2016.02.24
  • Published : 2016.02.28


An acoustic and trawl pilot survey using a small vessel was conducted in Jinhae bay of the South Sea of South Korea on April 13~14, May 11~13 and June 8~10, 2015. During the survey, acoustic data was collected and bottom trawls were conducted at the same time. First, various noises were eliminated by using the Park method based on the Wang method (Wang et al., 2015; Park et al., 2015), the species compositions and catch rate from each bottom trawl were observed, and spatial distribution of fishery resources in the water column and their nautical area scattering coefficient (NASC) were investigated through acoustic data. During the entire survey period, 12 orders, 33 families and 41 species were caught. The most caught species in April, May and June were Okamejei kenojei, Zoarces gilli and Pholis nebulosa, respectively. Fish schools were observed near the line of net mouth height in April. Numerous weak scatters were presented on the echograms in May and June. Many fish schools appeared in between the water surface and 20 m deep in May. The NASC value from entire water columns was the lowest in April ($35.9m^2/n{\cdot}mile^2$) and highest in June ($1541.3m^2/n{\cdot}mile^2$).


Acoustic;Bottom trawl;Small vessel;Costal survey


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