Species composition and distribution property of dredge fishery in Yeongil Bay, Korea

영일만 형망어업 어획물의 종조성 및 분포 특성

  • Received : 2016.02.05
  • Accepted : 2016.02.29
  • Published : 2016.02.28


The species composition and distribution of catches by dredge gear in the Yeongil Bay, Korea were investigated on a seasonal basis from February to November, 2015. Total catches consisted of 44 species and 35 families. They were 13 species of fish, 10 species of crustacea, 5 species of echinodermata, 5 species of gastropoda, 4 species of cephalopoda and 3 species of bivalvia. Major catch species was shellfish and had seasonal variations in catch. In spring and winter, the catch of ark shell (Scapharca broughtonii) was increased. Adversely, the catch of admas venus clam (Callithaca adamsi) increased in sunmmer and autumn. Species diversity indices was high as the value of 1.99 in spring, and low to the value of 0.34 in summer. In addition, multi dimentional scaling (MDS) indices also was high in spring as the value of 1.99. In summer, the index was low as the value of 0.34. Similarity analysis based on species data was transformed by fourth root. With the result of cluster analysis and MDS analysis, species was divided into two groups. The first group as Group A consists of winter and spring species and another was Group B made of species in summer and winter.


Dredge;Species composition;Distribution;Yeongil Bay


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