Job-specific Questionnaire for Estimating Exposure to Hazardous Agents among Semiconductor Workers

반도체 공정 근로자 직무 노출을 추정하기 위한 설문(Job-specific Questionnaire) 개발

Park, Donguk;Choi, Sangjun;Heo, Jeongin;Roh, Hyunseog;Park, Jihoon;Ha, Kwonchul;Yoon, Chungsik;Kim, Won;Kim, Seungwon;Kim, Hyoungryoul;Kwon, Hojang

  • Received : 2016.02.03
  • Accepted : 2016.03.14
  • Published : 2016.03.31


Objectives: One major limitation encountered in retrospective exposure assessment for epidemiological study is the lack of exposure records and information maintained by companies which if they existed would allow the estimation of past exposure to hazardous operations and agents. This study developed a job-specific questionnaire(JSQ) to estimate exposure profiles among semiconductor workers, including operation and job. Methods: This JSQ can be directly applied to workers who work or have worked in a wafer fabrication or a chip packaging and assembly facility. Results and Conclusions: We used this JSQ to obtain past exposure information from semiconductor workers via face-to-face investigation. Major contents include questions on the facilities, operations and jobs to which they have been exposed since they entered employment in the semiconductor industry. The total number of questions in the JSQ is 18. Responses to this JSQ can be used not only to estimate retrospective exposure to operations and jobs in the semiconductor industry, but also to associate with the risk of all causes of death and risk of disease, including cancer.


Job-specific questionnaire(JSQ);wafer fabrication operation;chip packaging and assembly operation;retrospective exposure


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