Behavior and Performance Evaluation of a Concrete Pavement Considering the Temperature Condition in a Tunnel

터널내 온도조건을 고려한 콘크리트 포장의 거동 및 성능 평가

Ryu, Sung Woo;Park, JunYoung;Kim, HyungBae;Lee, Jaehoon;Cho, Yoon-Ho

  • Received : 2015.11.19
  • Accepted : 2016.03.08
  • Published : 2016.04.14


PURPOSES: This paper investigates behavior and performance of concrete pavement in tunnel based on temperature data from field. METHODS : In this study, there are 4 contents to evaluate concrete pavement in tunnel, First, Comparison for distress was conducted at outside, transition, and inside part of tunnel. Secondly, temperature data was collected in air and inside concrete pavement in outside and inside tunnel. Thirdly, FEM analysis was performed to evaluate stress condition, based on temperature data from field. Finally, performance prediction was done with KPRP program. RESULTS: From the distress evaluation, failure of inside tunnel was much less than it of outside tunnel, Temperature change in tunnel was less than out side, and also it was more stable. According to result of FEM analysis, both curling stress status of inside tunnel was lower than it of outside tunnel. Based on KPRP program analysis, performance of inside tunnel was longer than outside. CONCLUSIONS : Through all study about behavior and performance of concrete pavement in tunnel, condition in tunnel has more advantages from environmental and distress point of view. Therefore, performance of inside tunnel was better than outside.


tunnel;concrete pavement;distress;temperature;FEM analysis;KPRP program


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