Calibration Method of the Tomographic Gamma Scan Techniques Available for Accurately Characterizing 137Cs from 110mAg Interference

110mAg 간섭으로부터 137Cs 정량평가를 위한 드럼핵종분석 교정기술

Jeong, Sung Yeop

  • Received : 2015.10.29
  • Accepted : 2015.12.22
  • Published : 2016.03.30


The Tomographic Gamma Scan (TGS) technique partitions radioactive waste drums into $10{\times}10{\times}16$ voxels and assays both the density and concentration of radioactivity for each voxel thus providing for improved accuracy, when compared to the traditional Non-Destructive Assay(NDA) techniques. It could decrease the degree of precision measurement since there is a trade-off between spatial resolution and precision. This latter drawback is compensated by expanding the Region of Interest (ROI) that differentiates the full energy peaks, which, in turn, results in an optimized degree of precision. The enlarged ROI, however, increases the probability of interference among those nuclides that emit energies in the adjacent spectrum. This study has identified the cause of such interference for the reference nuclide of the TGS technique, $^{137}Cs$ (661.66 keV, half-life 30.5 years), to be $^{110m}Ag$ (657.75 keV, half-life 249.76 days). A new calibration method of determining the optimized ROI was developed, and its effectiveness in accurately characterizing $^{137}Cs$ and eliminating the interference was further ascertained.


Radioactive waste characterization;NDA;Tomographic gamma scan;Calibration method of TGS


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