A Study on Construction Process and Management in the Jeonjagak(丁字閣) in the 19th Century - Focus on Sanneung-uigwe -

19세기 정자각의 시공과정과 시공관리 연구 - 산릉의궤를 중심으로 -

  • Received : 2015.08.04
  • Accepted : 2016.04.07
  • Published : 2016.04.30


The purpose of this study was to comprehend the level of process control by considering construction process of jeonjagak with Sanneung-uigwe in the late 19th century Sanneung-uigwe. For this purpose twelve Sanneung-uigwe were analized for construction period, construction process, process control and construction period by specialist work classification. jeonjagak was completed within the two months on average. For finishing within short period, it was controlled effectively. previously the five specialist work classification were expanded as twenty's and it was flexible in responding to circumstance as construction period, climate and so on. comparing with recent repairing work, the past work was fast 2~3 times. Before the main construction, supply and processing of wood and stone was organized manner to reflect the characteristics of construction. Woodwork taking a lot of time was to increase the accuracy of processing wood and kinds of dancheongwork was separated. It was operating together up to work classification corresponding to the short construction period, and respond to seasonal factors. As a result, this study prove the superiority of constuction technique and management of government buildings in the later Joseon period.


Jeonjagak;Construction Process;Construction Management;Government Construction;Sanneung-uigwe


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