Muhiuddin, G.

  • Received : 2015.04.16
  • Published : 2016.04.30


In this paper we study the regularity of inside (or outside) (${\theta},{\phi}$)-derivations in BCI-algebras X and prove that let $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}:X{\rightarrow}X$ be an inside (${\theta},{\phi}$)-derivation of X. If there exists a ${\alpha}{\in}X$ such that $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}(x){\ast}{\theta}(a)=0$, then $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}$ is regular for all $x{\in}X$. It is also shown that if X is a BCK-algebra, then every inside (or outside) (${\theta},{\phi}$)-derivation of X is regular. Furthermore the concepts of ${\theta}$-ideal, ${\phi}$-ideal and invariant inside (or outside) (${\theta},{\phi}$)-derivations of X are introduced and their related properties are investigated. Finally we obtain the following result: If $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}:X{\rightarrow}X$ is an outside (${\theta},{\phi}$)-derivation of X, then $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}$ is regular if and only if every ${\theta}$-ideal of X is $d_{({\theta},{\phi})}$-invariant.


BCI-algebra, regular inside (or outside) (${\theta}{\phi}$)-derivation;${\theta}$-ideal;${\phi}$-ideal;invariant inside (or outside) (${\theta}{\phi})$-derivation


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Supported by : University of Tabuk