Numerical Stability of Serial Staggered Methods in Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of Solid Rocket Motors

고체추진기관의 유동-구조 상호작용 해석에서 Serial Staggered 기법의 수치 안정성

Cho, Hyun-Joo;Lee, Jee-Ho;Lee, Chang-Soo;Kim, Chong-Am;Kim, Shin-Hoe;Lee, Jeong-Sub

  • Received : 2016.01.28
  • Accepted : 2016.02.19
  • Published : 2016.04.29


In this paper numerical stability of CSS and ISS schemes in axisymmetric fluid-structure-burning simulation for solid rocket motors are studied. The implemented CSS and ISS algorithms for two-dimensional axisymmetric FSI problems are used to analyze ACM and BCM solid rocket motors. Numerical results from CSS and ISS schemes are compared to investigate the efficacy of ISS scheme over CSS scheme in stabilizing the numerical solution. The ACM and BCM simulation results show that ISS scheme gives stable and converged numerical solutions with appropriately small system time step size, while CSS scheme fails to converge after generating rapidly amplified oscillatory solutions. It is concluded that ISS scheme can be useful in improving the numerical stability of FSI analysis for ACM and BCM solid rocket motor simulations, which is not successfully obtained with CSS scheme.


solid rocket motor;fluid-structure interaction;conventional serial staggered method;improved serial staggered method;numerical stability


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Grant : 고체추진기관 유동-구조 3차원 통합해석 S/W개발

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