Study on Hardening Depth by Induction Hardening Analysis of Sprocket Using FEA and Experiment Results

유한요소해석을 통한 스프라켓의 유도경화 해석과 실험에 의한 경화 깊이에 대한 연구

Choi, Jin Kyu;Nam, Kwang Sik;Kim, Jae Ki;Choi, Ho Min;Yeum, Sang Hoon;Lee, Seok Soon

  • Received : 2015.10.21
  • Accepted : 2016.02.16
  • Published : 2016.05.01


High frequency induction heating (HFIH) is used in many industries and has a number of advantages, including reliability and repeatability. It is a non-contact method of providing energy-efficient heat in the minimum amount of time without using a flame. Recently, HFIH has been actively studied using the finite element method (FEM), however, these studies only focused on the accuracy of the analysis. In this paper, we can measure joule heat distributions by the electromagnetic analysis for HFIH and the temperature distribution from the heat transfer analysis by applying joule heat for a sprocket. The sprocket is heated over $850^{\circ}C$ due to joule heat and then cooled to under $200^{\circ}C$ by using cooling $20^{\circ}C$ water. These processes were used to calculate the FEM and then compared to our experimental results. The calculated outcome may be used to predict hardening depth in HFIH.


High frequency;Induction heating;Induction hardening;Sprocket;FEM


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