Pilot Study on Characterization of Patients with Low Back Pain: Multi-center, Prospective, Observation Study

요통 환자의 특성 조사 예비 연구: 다기관, 전향적, 관찰연구

  • Received : 2016.04.12
  • Accepted : 2016.04.15
  • Published : 2016.04.30


Objectives The aim of this study done as pilot study is to analyze the current state of patients who have low back pain through registry. Methods This study is done under approval of Gil Oriental Medical Hospital of Gachon University, Oriental Medical Hospital of Sangji University, Jecheon Oriental Medical Hospital of Se-Myung University IRB. Among subjects who signed the consent form by their own will, we decided whom to register as subjects of this study by the standard of selection and exception. We collected the sociological investigation, character of low pack pain, degree of symptom which they felt before and after the hospitalization from registered subjects. Results 1. The number of the subjects is 16. The average age is 41.0. 9 of them are female, 7 of them are male. Most of the subjects have history illness which has connection with low pack pain. 2. According to the patient's free description of the back pain, 6 of them suffered throbbing pain. And 8 of the patients have chronic pain, 6 of them have intermittent pain of back pain analysing the character of the low back pain. They answered the pain lasted for 47.6 minutes on average. 3. About the change on the average R.O.M. of L-spine, R.O.M. of Lateral bending, Extension, Flexion, Rotation has increased after leaving the hospital compared with before hospitalization. 4. The amount of discomfort or strength of pain, which was checked by VAS on the day of leaving the hospital, has decreased than they were before the hospitalization. And there was the improvement on the dysfunction score and EQ-5D. Conclusions Through this study, we specifically analyzed the symptoms of the low back pain by accumulating the analysis about the symptoms using several indicators and description which is freely spoken by patients about their symptoms. Further research is expected to complete multi-center registry by building registry and by using it, to get various epidemiologic informations about low back pain.


Registry;Low back pain;Characterization


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