Seismic Performance of Special Shear Wall with Modified Details in Boundary Element Depending on Axial Load Ratio

축력비에 따른 수정된 단부 횡보강상세를 갖는 특수전단벽의 내진성능

  • Received : 2016.02.24
  • Accepted : 2016.03.31
  • Published : 2016.04.22


In this paper, we propose experimental results, which target the major variables that influence the structural performance of a wall, as well as the resulting seismic and hysteretic behavior. Results also provide the basis for the application of performance based design by identifying the nonlinear hysteretic behavior of the wall with boundary element details recently proposed in previous study by Chun et al(2011). From the experimental results, the crack and fracture patterns of a specimen, which adopt the proposed boundary element details, showed similar tendencies regardless of whether axial force or high performance steel bars is applied. Furthermore, results show that the maximum strength of the specimen can be predicted accurately based on the design equation proposed by the standard. In addition, with a higher axial force, there is a tendency that both the initial load and maximum strength increase as deformation capacity reduces, requiring consideration of the reduced deformation capacity due to a high axial force. For walls under such high axial forces, using high performance steel bars is a very effective manner of enhancing deformation capacity. Therefore, reinforcing the plastic hinge region with boundary elements using high performance steel bars is preferable.


Special Shear Wall;Axial Load Ratio;High Performance Steel Bars;Seismic Performance


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Grant : 성능기반설계법의 도입을 위한 부재별 비선형이력모델 개발(1)

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