Tensile and Fatigue Behavior of ASS304 for Cold Stretching Pressure Vessels at Cryogenic Temperature

Cold Stretching 압력용기용 ASS304 소재의 극저온 인장 및 피로거동

Choi, Hoon Seok;Kim, Jae Hoon;Na, Seong Hyun;Lee, Youn Hyung;Kim, Sung Hun;Kim, Young Kyun;Kim, Ki Dong

  • Received : 2015.04.02
  • Accepted : 2016.03.28
  • Published : 2016.05.01


Cold stretching(CS) pressure vessels from ASS304 (austenitic stainless steel 304) are used for the transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas(LNG). CS pressure vessels are manufactured by pressurizing the finished vessels to a specific pressure to produce the required stress ${\sigma}_k$. After CS, there is some degree of plastic deformation. Therefore, CS vessels have a higher strength and lighter weight compared to conventional vessels. In this study, we investigate the tensile and fatigue behavior of ASS304 sampled by CS pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME code at cryogenic temperature. From the fatigue test results, we show S-N curves using a statistical method recommended by JSEM-S002. We carried out the fractography of fractured specimens using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).


Cold Stretching;Pressure Vessels;Austenitic Stainless Steel;Fatigue Strength;S-N Curve;P-S-N Curve


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