Design of W-Band Cassegrain Antenna for Beam Steering

빔 조향을 위한 W-대역 카세그레인 안테나 설계

  • Published : 2016.04.30


In this paper, for the mechanical beam steering of the Cassegrain antenna, the steering performances of the main reflector tilting method are characterized, and the Cassegrain antenna for the antenna rotating method is designed and its performances are measured. In the Cassegrain antenna operating at W-band, the changes of characteristics due to changes in the sizes of the main/sub-reflectors and other structural changes are analyzed to obtain the structural variables satisfying the performance goal. The manufactured antenna in W-band shows the measured gain of 42.08 dBi, 3 dB beamwidth of $1.32^{\circ}$, $1.14^{\circ}$ and the return loss($S_{11}$) of -23.58 dB at the center frequency of 94 GHz.


Cassegrain Antenna;Main Reflector Tilting;Antenna Steering;W-Band


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