Flow characteristics analysis and test in the Pelton turbine for pico hydro power using surplus water

잉여 유출수를 이용한 소수력발전용 수차의 유동특성 해석 및 시험

Jeong, Seon Yong;Lee, Kye Bock

  • Received : 2016.01.20
  • Accepted : 2016.04.07
  • Published : 2016.04.30


Computational fluid numerical analysis using the commercial code CFX was performed to develop a Pelton turbine for a pico hydro power generator using the circulating water of a cooling tower in a large building. The performance of the Pelton turbine was examined for different design factors, such as the bucket shape, in which the Pelton wheel was connected in an appropriate manner to the pipe section, and the number of buckets in order to find the optimal design of Pelton turbine for a pico hydro power using surplus water. A benchmark test was carried out on the manufactured small scale Pelton turbine to validate the design method of the Pelton turbine by numerical analysis. The results obtained by comparing the flow characteristics and power output measured using the ultrasonic flowmeter, the pressure transducer and the oscilloscope with the numerical results confirmed the validity of the analytical design method. The possibility of developing Pelton turbines for kW class pico hydro power generators using surplus water with an average circulation velocity of 1.2 m/s for the chosen bucket shape and number of buckets in a 30 m high building was confirmed.


Hydro power;Numerical analysis;Pelton turbine;Surplus water;Test


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