Fang, Jianbo;Li, Fengjiang

  • Received : 2015.05.22
  • Published : 2016.05.31


Let x : $^{Mn-1}{\rightarrow}{\mathbb{R}}^n$ ($n{\geq}4$) be an umbilical free hyper-surface with non-zero principal curvatures. Then x is associated with a Laguerre metric g, a Laguerre tensor L, a Laguerre form C, and a Laguerre second fundamental form B, which are invariants of x under Laguerre transformation group. We denote the Laguerre scalar curvature by R and the trace-free Laguerre tensor by ${\tilde{L}}:=L-{\frac{1}{n-1}}tr(L)g$. In this paper, we prove a local classification result under the assumption of parallel Laguerre form and an inequality of the type $${\parallel}{\tilde{L}}{\parallel}{\leq}cR$$ where $c={\frac{1}{(n-3){\sqrt{(n-2)(n-1)}}}$ is appropriate real constant, depending on the dimension.


Laguerre geometry;hypersurfaces


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