Progress Measurement Model Based on Documents for Pre-Construction Phase of Design Build Project

설계시공일괄방식의 시공이전단계 문서기반 진도측정 모델

  • Jun, Inyeong ;
  • Jin, ZhengXun ;
  • Han, Sangwon ;
  • Hyun, Changtaek
  • 전인영 ;
  • 김정훈 ;
  • 한상원 ;
  • 현창택
  • Received : 2016.02.03
  • Accepted : 2016.05.10
  • Published : 2016.05.30


As the construction project have became larger, more complex and various, it is increasingly and more important to manage the project management such as progress management. A quick and exact progress management can grasp the problem of the projects, further it can make a decision for solving the problem at the right time. Especially, the proper decision in an early phase of design-build project is recognized as one of the important factors for the construction project because it might make a big impact on outcome of the project. It is effective that documents produced by each work, which are relatively quantitative information in the early phase, function as the criteria because quantitative criteria and information is significantly important for the exact schedule management. Therefore, this paper aimed to develop a model for progress measurement during pre-construction stages in design-build project based on documents provided by each work. Drawing the documents and Business Process Structure(BPS) was preceded by analyzing the current regulations and the system for our goal. The authors calculated a work time related weight of documents by using AHP to use for a criterion of progress measurement. Therefore, the model proposed by this paper can effectively grasp and manage a progress each work, which might raise productivity of project management in pre-construction stages.


Design Build;Schedule Management;Progress Measurement;Document


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