Preparation of Anatase Particles through Electro-Dialysis of TiCl4 Aqueous Solution

Chang, Myung Chul

  • Received : 2015.09.29
  • Accepted : 2016.03.16
  • Published : 2016.05.31


Anatase particles of titanium dioxide were prepared from $TiCl_4$ aqueous solution by using an electro-dialysis [ED] process. For the preparation of an aqueous solution of $TiCl_4$ precipitates, $TiCl_4$ liquid frozen in ice was transferred to a neck flask and then hydrolyzed using deionized [DI] $H_2O$. During the hydrolysis of the $TiCl_4$ solution at $0^{\circ}C$, a slurry solution of $TiOCl_2$ was obtained and the color changed from red to orange. The ED process was applied for the removal of chlorine content in the slurry solution. Two kinds of hydrolyzed slurry solution with lower [$Ti^{4+}$] and higher [$Ti^{4+}$] were sampled and the ED process was applied for the samples according to the removal time of [$Cl^-$]. With de-chlorination, the solution status changed from sol to gel and the color quickly changed to blue. Finally, white crystalline powders were formed and the phase was confirmed by XRD to be anatase crystallites. The morphology of the hydrous titania particles in the solution was observed by FE-SEM. The hydrous titania particles were nano-crystalline, and easily coagulated with drying.


Titanium tetrachloride;Anatase;Electrodialysis;Nano-particles;Anion membrane


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