New Techniques for Impedance Characteristics Measurement of Islanded Microgrid based on Stability Analysis

Hou, Lixiang;Zhuo, Fang;Shi, Hongtao

  • Received : 2015.07.29
  • Accepted : 2015.12.07
  • Published : 2016.05.20


In recent years, microgrids have been the focus of considerable attention in distributed energy distribution. Microgrids contain a large number of power electronic devices that can potentially cause negative impedance instability. Harmonic impedance is an important tool to analyze stability and power quality of microgrids. Harmonic impedance can also be used in harmonic source localization. Precise measurement of microgrid impedance and analysis of system stability with impedances are essential to increase stability. In this study, we introduce a new square wave current injection method for impedance measurement and stability analysis. First, three stability criteria based on impedance parameters are presented. Then, we present a new impedance measurement method for microgrids based on square wave current injection. By injecting an unbalanced line-to-line current between two lines of the AC system, the method determines all impedance information in the traditional synchronous reference frame d-q model. Finally, the microgrid impedances of each part and the overall microgrid are calculated to verify the measurement results. In the experiments, a simulation model of a three-phase AC microgrid is developed using PSCAD, and the AC system harmonic impedance measuring device is developed.


Current injection;Harmonic impedance;Impedance;Impedance measurement;Microgrid


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