The Anti-obesity Effects of Platycodi Radix, Combination of Platycodi Radix and Cyperi Rhizoma on Obesity Induced by High Fat Diet

고지방식이로 유도된 비만에 대한 길경(桔梗), 길경 향부자(桔梗 香附子) 배합 추출물의 항비만 효과

Jang, Young Eun;Seo, Bu Il

  • Received : 2016.04.18
  • Accepted : 2016.05.16
  • Published : 2016.05.30


Objectives : The researcher investigated the anti-obesity effect of Platycodi Radix (P), Platycodi Radix and Cyperi Rhizoma combination water extract (PC) in mice fed a high fat diet and focused on the analysis of local area adipose tissue.Methods : Male ICR mice were divided into four groups, which were fed either a normal AIN diet (N group), a high fat diet (HFD group), or a high fat diet and orally administration with a concentraion of 300 mg/kg body weight (P group or PC group) for eight weeks.Results : Compared to mice in the HFD group, mice in the P group or PC group showed significant reductions in weight gain and relative weight of total fat. Compared to mice in the HFD group, mice in the P group showed significant reductions in relative weight of liver. In blood biochemistry analysis, AST, ALT, triglyceride, total-cholesterol and low density lipoprotein(LDL)-cholesterol, AI levels of P group or PC group were significantly lower than those of the control group AI. But serum serum high density lipoprotein(HDL)-cholesterol levels from the P group or PC group were significantly higher than those of the HFD mice in serum. And serum adiponectin levels from the P group or PC group were significantly increased that those of the HFD mice. And adipocyte number in the fat tissue from the P group or PC group was significantly higher than those of the HFD mice.Conclusions : Platycodi Radix, Platycodi Radix-Cyperi Rhizoma have an anti-obesity effect in mice and the effect is mediated by inhibition of fat gain.


Platycodi Radix;Cyperi Rhizoma;Combination of Platycodi Radix and Cyperi Rhizoma;anti-obesity;fat loss


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