A case Report of Tinnitus after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage(SAH) Operation Diagnosed as Soyangin Hyunggyeok yeoljeung

지주막하출혈 수술 이후 발생한 이명을 소양인 흉격열증으로 진단한 치험 1례

  • Received : 2016.05.11
  • Accepted : 2016.06.22
  • Published : 2016.06.30


Objectives This case study reports patient diagnosed as Soyangin Hyunggyeok yeoljeung with tinnitus, headache and sleep discomfort after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage(SAH) had treated with HyungBangSabaek-San.Methods The patient suffering from tinnitus, sleep discomfort had taken HyungBangSabaek-San from the first to the end three times a day. We measure tinnitus by Tinnitus Handicap Inventory(THI) and observe symptoms change using Visual Anlaogue Scale(VAS).Results The symptoms had been steadily decreased and quality of life had increased also. Headache and constipation had been improved in a week and tinnitus and chest discomfort had decreased next week. At last, patient complained symptoms slightly.Conclusions HyungBangSabaek-San a is treatment of Soyangin Hyunggyeok yeoljeung and may be considered as a treatment of tinnitus.


Tinnitus;Soyangin Hyunggyeok yeoljeung;HyungBangSabaek-San


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