The Impact of Design-Bid-Build Procurement Methods on Project Performance in Libya

  • Ghadamsi, Alaeddin ;
  • Braimah, Nuhu
  • Published : 2016.06.01


The use of inappropriate procurement methods to deliver construction projects has long been acknowledged as a major source of poor project performance and is particularly problematic for the Libyan Construction Industry. Poor procurement method selection has been recognised as a major contributory factor to frequent time and cost overruns. This paper offers a way of selecting specific procurement methods to maximize successful project performance. The methodology involves an intensive review of relevant literature, followed by a semi-structured questionnaire survey. The key findings of the study reveal that 11 out of its 12 common selection criteria exhibit a significant contribution to one or more project performance criteria (time, cost and quality). Project clients should therefore prioritise these criteria when selecting a design-bid-build method. Knowledge of the criteria that contribute positively to project performance will also enable clients to work out, prior to and during construction, the best measures and provisions for successful project outcomes.


Construction procurement;Design-bid-build;Multiple Regression;Procurement selection;project performance criteria


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