Combined Removal of n-heptane and CO using Plasma-catalytic Process

플라즈마/촉매 공정을 이용한 n-헵테인과 일산화탄소 동시제거

Lee, Sang Baek;Jo, Jin Oh;Mok, Young Sun

  • Received : 2015.10.14
  • Accepted : 2016.04.07
  • Published : 2016.04.30


Combined removal of n-heptane and carbon monoxide (CO) using a plasma-catalytic process was investigated. The performance of the plasma-catalytic process was compared with that of the catalyst-alone process to characterize the decomposition of n-heptane and CO with the operation parameters such as the type of catalyst, reaction temperature, and discharge power. From several sets of experiments, it was found that the decomposition efficiency of n-heptane mainly depended on the specific input energy rather than the reactor temperature, whereas the oxidation of CO on both the energy density and the reaction temperature. The results conducted over several metal oxide catalysts exhibited that the decomposition efficiency of n-heptane was in the order: $Pd/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$ > $Ru/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3{\approx}Ag/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$. Especially, $Pd/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$ catalyst did hardly generate CO as a byproduct during the decomposition of n-heptane under an appropriate condition, revealing $CO_2$ selectivity of nearly 100%. The CO oxidation efficiency was largely affected by the type of catalyst ($Pd/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$ > $Ru/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$ > $Ag/{\gamma}-Al_2O_3$). At temperatures below $180^{\circ}C$, the plasma-catalytic process was more effective in the oxidation of CO, while above $180^{\circ}C$, the catalytic process resulted in slightly higher CO oxidation efficiency.


plasma;catalyst;n-heptane;carbon monoxide;palladium


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