Evaluation of TOF MR Angiography and Imaging for the Half Scan Factor of Cerebral Artery

유속신호증강효과의 자기공명혈관조영술을 이용한 뇌혈관검사에서 Half Scan Factor 적용한 영상 평가

Choi, Young Jae;Kweon, Dae Cheol

  • Received : 2016.05.23
  • Accepted : 2016.06.14
  • Published : 2016.06.30


To aim of this study was to assess the full scan and half scan of imaging with half scan factor. Patients without a cerebral vascular disease (n = 30) and were subject to the full scan half scan, and set a region of interest in the cerebral artery from the three regions (C1, C2, C3) in the range of 7 to 8 mm. MIP (maximum intensity projection) to reconstruct the images in signal strength SNR (signal to noise ration), PSNR (peak signal noise to ratio), RMSE (root mean square error), MAE (mean absolute error) and calculated by paired t-test for use by statistics were analyzed. Scan time was half scan (4 minutes 53 seconds), the full scan (6 minutes 04 seconds). The mean measurement range (7.21 mm) of all the ROI in the brain blood vessel, was the SNR of the first C1 is completely scanned (58.66 dB), half-scan (62.10 dB), a positive correlation ($r^2=0.503$), for the second C2 SNR is completely scanned (70.30 dB), half-scan (74.67 dB) the amount of correlation ($r^2=0.575$), third C3 of a complete scan SNR (70.33 dB), half scan SNR (74.64 dB) in the amount of correlation between the It was analyzed with ($r^2=0.523$). Comparative full scan with half of SNR ($4.75{\pm}0.26dB$), PSNR ($21.87{\pm}0.28dB$), RMSE ($48.88{\pm}1.61$), was calculated as MAE ($25.56{\pm}2.2$). SNR is also applied to examine the half-scans are not many differences in the quality of the two scan methods were not statistically significant in the scan (p-value > .05) image takes less time than a full scan was used.


cerebral artery;magnetic resonance imaging;magnetic resonance angiography;signal to noise ratio;time of flight


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