Review on improving measurement of cyber terror management system

Park, Jong-Ryeol;Noe, Sang-Ouk

  • 투고 : 2016.05.30
  • 심사 : 2016.06.20
  • 발행 : 2016.06.30


Damage and attack size of cyber terror is growing to the national size. Not only targeting at a certain companies or individuals but number of cyber terror targeting government bodies or unspecific people is increasing. This is because compared to traditional weapon, input cost is very cheap but ripple effect and shock are much stronger, affecting not only certain groups but also each individuals. 'Anti-terror measurement for protection of nation and public safety' passed last month is one of the renowned measurement passed regardless of objection from opposition party. The opposition party went against this through filibuster for 192 hours but this finally passed National Congress due to lack of oppositions. Korean government is taking post actions after passage of anti-terror measurement. Legislation of enforcement ordinance and regulations is due by 6th of next month. This regulation will be executed from June 4th after legislation. Whenever there is any security issues such as hacking of Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power and National Intelligence Service happens, lot of attention is made to those hackers. However, social recognition or management of those hackers need lot more improvement. Especially, as market of internet of things is increasing, there is an increased anxiety on information security. But as we only rely on security solutions, this problems are keep happening. Therefore, active investment on nurturing hackers who play the role of 'spear and shield' shall be made. Government should put more efforts to allow white hackers to show their abilities. We should have a policy for supporting high-quality programs such as BoB. To make information protection industry into future growth engine, it is necessary to nurture professionals for information protection and white hackers through special programs. Politicians should make related regulations as soon as possible to remove factors that prevent swift management of cyber attack due to lack of legislation. Government should pay lot more financial investment to nurturing professional manpower than now. Protecting life and asset of nation is responsibility and duty of our government. We all should recognize that controlling cyber attack is a part of national defense.


cyber terror;white hacker;anti-terror measurement;cloud


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