A Research Trends for Domestic Public Design by Meta Analysis

국내 공공디자인 연구동향에 대한 메타분석

  • Received : 2016.04.29
  • Accepted : 2016.06.09
  • Published : 2016.06.30


There are various form of public elements in modern urban space. These public elements mingle with sociocultural elements which consist of each city, determining urban environment's image. Especially, since the social value of design becomes important, the social role of public design has been emphasized as an effective value for public interest and environment. It is just about 10 years since design mind in the public sector has been made domestically. Even though domestic public design has been studied not so long, it has developed with radical change of social culture and science technology. This study targets public environment in modern dense urban space. Also, it grasps the trend of public design studies through analysing and documentary survey of the existing studies, and based on that result, aims at presenting the direction that domestic public design studies should progress. This study selected 253 theses(1989.6~2015.11) by collecting primary, secondary data about public design studies, and implemented overall meta-analysing about the trend of domestic public design studies. As a result, public design has been studied intensively in the field of design about environment, architecture, etc. The trend analyzing of study purpose and keyword has a tendency which is weighted towards exploratory study focused on suggestion and development about object and realm of public design. The trend analyzing of study area tends to study overall part of public space or public facility rather than specific area and object. The most parts of studies analyze domestic area, especially Seoul metropolitan area. Also, the study method weighted in favor of some qualitative analysis has been utilized.


Public Design;Study Trends;Meta Analysis;Subject of Research;Intention Point


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