A Research on PV-connected ESS dissemination strategy considering the effects of GHG reduction

온실가스감축효과를 고려한 태양광 연계형 에너지저장장치(ESS) 보급전략에 대한 연구

Lee, Wongoo;KIM, Kang-Won;KIM, Balho H.

  • Received : 2016.04.05
  • Accepted : 2016.06.16
  • Published : 2016.06.30


ESS(Energy Storage System) is an important source that keeps power supply stable and utilizes electricity efficiently. For example, ESS contributes to resolve power supply imbalance, stabilize new renewable energy output and regulate frequency. ESS is predicted to be expanded to 55.9GWh of installed capacity by 2023, which is 30 times more than that of 2014. To raise competitiveness of domestic ESS industry in this increasing world market, we have disseminated load-shift ESS for continuous power supply imbalance with FR ESS, and also necessity to secure domestic track record is required. However in case of FR ESS, utility of installing thermal power plant is generally generated within 5% range of rated capacity, so that scalability of domestic market is low without dramatic increase of thermal power plant. Necessity of load-shift ESS dissemination is also decreasing effected by surplus backup power securement policy, raising demand for new dissemination model. New dissemination model is promising for $CO_2$ reduction effect in spite of intermittent output. By stabilizing new renewable energy output in connection with new renewable energy, and regulating system input timing of new renewable energy generation rate, it is prospected model for 'post-2020' regime and energy industry. This research presents a policy alternatives of REC multiplier calculation method to induce investment after outlining PV-connected ESS charge/discharge mode to reduce GHG emission, This alternative is projected to utilize GHG emission reduction methodology for 'Post-2020' regime, big issue of new energy policy.


ESS(Energy Storage System);PV(Photovoltaic);RPS(Renewable Portfolio Standard;REC(Renewable Energy Certificate) Multiplier;GHG(Green House Gas) Reduction


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