Characteristics of Sedimented Sandy in Nackdong River Delta

낙동강 델타지역 퇴적사질토의 특성

  • Received : 2016.04.05
  • Accepted : 2016.05.25
  • Published : 2016.06.30


This study was a basic research to obtain the knowledge of physical properties of the upper sedimented sandy soil in the Nakdong river delta area. The characteristics of shear strength and permeability with fine content and relative density were also investigated. The upper sedimented sandy soil near paddy and lower soft clay layers showed high percentage of fine content, and the rest parts had about 5% of fine content. The specific gravity regardless of depth and location was almost constant. The upper sedimented sandy soil mostly had particle size about 0.1 ~ 0.4mm regardless of sedimentation environment and has illite, a clay mineral, in the entire soil samples. The results of direct shear tests on remolded specimens of the upper sedimented sandy soil revealed that the friction angle and cohesion increased with relative density, but its effect was not significant. The fine content was significant, that as increasing it, the friction angle decreased and cohesion increased linearly. The permeability decreased with relative density and fine content, and the permeability of soil containing more than 15% of fine content was independent on the relative density.


Sedimented sandy soil;Fine content;Relative density;Shear strength;Permeability;Delta


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Grant : Optimization of Ground Development for Deep Thick Soft Ground at Delta

Supported by : Korea Water Resource Coporation