Awareness and using status on long-term care insurance and insurance benefits

노인 장기요양보험 이용실태 및 서비스내용에 대한 인식

Jung, Jae-Yeon;Kim, Soo-Hwa;Kim, Young-Kyung;Ahn, Se-Youn;Yoo, Eun-Mi;Choi, Boo-Keun;Hwang, Yoon-Sook;Han, Su-Jin

  • Received : 2016.04.06
  • Accepted : 2016.06.10
  • Published : 2016.06.30


Objectives: The purpose of the study is to investigate the awareness toward use and service contents of long term care for the elderly. Methods: A self-reported questionnaire was completed by 296 adults from August 13 to October 20, 2014. The questionnaire consisted of general characteristics of the subjects, awareness toward long term care insurance for the elderly, awareness toward long term oral health care services, use of long term care service and use intention for the long term care insurance. Data were analyzed by SPSS 18.0 program. Results: Those who were aware of the long term care insurance accounted for 55.4 percent. Approximately 50 percent of the respondents recognized long term care service items, home visit care, home visit bathing, and home visit nursing. Most of the respondents had information of long term care services by way of mass media and direct contact. Only 13.4 percent of the respondents were aware of the oral health service in the long term care insurance. The subjects were aware of denture cleaning, oral cleaning and oral health education out of oral health service in order; and oral health services that needed to be offered were denture cleaning, oral health education and professional toothbrushing. They reported that dental hygienists were the most important manpower that offered the efficient oral health care services. They answered that professional manpower and financial support are required for oral health services. The positive thinking to long term care insurance accounted for 89.2 percent and 91.3 percent had use intention for oral health services. Conclusions: Many elderly people have mastication or dysphagic problems due to systemic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to announce the long term care insurance and long term care services for the elderly people.


aging;dental hygienist;insurance benefit;long-term care insurance;oral health care service


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