Switching Transient Analysis and Design of a Low Inductive Laminated Bus Bar for a T-type Converter

Wang, Quandong;Chang, Tianqing;Li, Fangzheng;Su, Kuifeng;Zhang, Lei

  • Received : 2015.10.12
  • Accepted : 2016.02.04
  • Published : 2016.07.20


Distributed stray inductance exerts a significant influence on the turn-off voltages of power switching devices. Therefore, the design of low stray inductance bus bars has become an important part of the design of high-power converters. In this study, we first analyze the operational principle and switching transient of a T-type converter. Then, we obtain the commutation circuit, categorize the stray inductance of the circuit, and study the influence of the different types of stray inductance on the turn-off voltages of switching devices. According to the current distribution of the commutation circuit, as well as the conditions for realizing laminated bus bars, we laminate the bus bar of the converter by integrating the practical structure of a capacitor bank and a power module. As a result, the stray inductance of the bus bar is reduced, and the stray inductance in the commutation circuit of the converter is reduced to more than half. Finally, a 10 kVA experimental prototype of a T-type converter is built to verify the effectiveness of the designed laminated bus bar in restraining the turn-off voltage spike of the switching devices in the converter.


Laminated bus bar;Reverse blocking IGBT;Switching transient;T-type converter;Turn-off voltage


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