Effect of Vegetation Layers on Soil Moisture Measurement Using Radars

레이다를 이용한 토양 수분함유량 측정에서 초목 층의 영향 분석

  • Received : 2015.09.23
  • Accepted : 2016.07.08
  • Published : 2016.08.01


This paper presents the effect of vegetation layer and radar parameters on soil moisture measurement using the vegetation layer scattering model and surface scattering model. The database of backscattering coefficients for various vegetation layer densities, incidence angles, frequencies, and polarizations is generated using $1^{st}$-order RTM(Radiative Transfer Model). Then, surface soil moisture contents were estimated from the backscattering coefficients in the database using the WCM(Water Cloud Model) and Oh model. The retrieved soil moisture contents were compared with the soil moisture contents in the input parameters of the RTM to estimate the retrieval errors. The effects of vegetation layer and radar parameters on soil moisture measurement are analyzed using the retrieval errors.


Vegetation Layer;First-Order Radiative Transfer Model(RTM);Soil Moisture Retrieval;Water-Cloud Model(WCM)


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