Trend of Research and Industry-Related Analysis in Data Quality Using Time Series Network Analysis

시계열 네트워크분석을 통한 데이터품질 연구경향 및 산업연관 분석

Jang, Kyoung-Ae;Lee, Kwang-Suk;Kim, Woo-Je

  • Received : 2016.04.15
  • Accepted : 2016.05.10
  • Published : 2016.06.30


The purpose of this paper is both to analyze research trends and to predict industrial flows using the meta-data from the previous studies on data quality. There have been many attempts to analyze the research trends in various fields till lately. However, analysis of previous studies on data quality has produced poor results because of its vast scope and data. Therefore, in this paper, we used a text mining, social network analysis for time series network analysis to analyze the vast scope and data of data quality collected from a Web of Science index database of papers published in the international data quality-field journals for 10 years. The analysis results are as follows: Decreases in Mathematical & Computational Biology, Chemistry, Health Care Sciences & Services, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Medical Information Science. Increases, on the contrary, in Environmental Sciences, Water Resources, Geology, and Instruments & Instrumentation. In addition, the social network analysis results show that the subjects which have the high centrality are analysis, algorithm, and network, and also, image, model, sensor, and optimization are increasing subjects in the data quality field. Furthermore, the industrial connection analysis result on data quality shows that there is high correlation between technique, industry, health, infrastructure, and customer service. And it predicted that the Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, and Health Industry will be continuously developed. This paper will be useful for people, not only who are in the data quality industry field, but also the researchers who analyze research patterns and find out the industry connection on data quality.


Data Quality;Social Network Analysis;Time Series Network Analysis;Textmining;Metadata


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