The National Highway, Expressway Tunnel Video Incident Detection System performance analysis and reflect attributes for double deck tunnel in great depth underground space

국도, 고속국도 터널 영상유고감지시스템 성능분석 및 대심도 복층터널 특성반영 방안

Kim, Tae-Bok

  • Received : 2016.03.29
  • Accepted : 2016.06.01
  • Published : 2016.07.31


The video incident detection System is a probe for rapid detecting the walker, falling, stopped, backwards, smoke situation in tunnel. Recently, the importance is increases from the downtown double deck tunnel in great depth underground space[1], but the legal basis is weak and the vulnerable situation experimental data. So, In this paper, we introduce a long-term log data analysis information in the tunnenl video incident detection system installed and experimental results in order to verify the feasibility of apply to video incident detection system for the double deck tunnel. It is proposed a few things about derives the problem of existing video incident detection system, improvements and reflect attributes for double deck tunnel. The contents described in this paper will contribute to refine the prototype of video incident detection system will apply to future double deck multi-layer tunnels.


Double deck tunnel;VID(Video Incident Detection);CCTV;IP & Intelligent Surveillance


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