• Received : 2015.08.02
  • Published : 2016.09.01


Let M be an R-module, where R is a commutative ring with identity 1 and let G(V,E) be a graph. In this paper, we study the graphs associated with modules over commutative rings. We associate three simple graphs $ann_f({\Gamma}(M_R))$, $ann_s({\Gamma}(M_R))$ and $ann_t({\Gamma}(M_R))$ to M called full annihilating, semi-annihilating and star-annihilating graph. When M is finite over R, we investigate metric dimensions in $ann_f({\Gamma}(M_R))$, $ann_s({\Gamma}(M_R))$ and $ann_t({\Gamma}(M_R))$. We show that M over R is finite if and only if the metric dimension of the graph $ann_f({\Gamma}(M_R))$ is finite. We further show that the graphs $ann_f({\Gamma}(M_R))$, $ann_s({\Gamma}(M_R))$ and $ann_t({\Gamma}(M_R))$ are empty if and only if M is a prime-multiplication-like R-module. We investigate the case when M is a free R-module, where R is an integral domain and show that the graphs $ann_f({\Gamma}(M_R))$, $ann_s({\Gamma}(M_R))$ and $ann_t({\Gamma}(M_R))$ are empty if and only if $$M{\sim_=}R$$. Finally, we characterize all the non-simple weakly virtually divisible modules M for which Ann(M) is a prime ideal and Soc(M) = 0.


Supported by : UGC New Delhi


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