An Study on Usability Evaluation of Image based SNS

이미지 기반 SNS의 사용성 평가 연구

  • 이미경 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원) ;
  • 박진완 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원)
  • Received : 2016.04.04
  • Accepted : 2016.05.24
  • Published : 2016.08.28


With the rapid development of Social Network Service and with the diversification of user needs, new types of image-based SNS have emerged. Image-based SNS provides customized service to meet users' specified contents needs that have yet to be satisfied in conventional relation-based SNS like Facebook, leading the trend of service diversification. Unlike text-based SNS that has inconvenient view on a small mobile screen, image-based SNS provides the communication way focused on simple text message and image, and thus the main users of the image-based SNS are young people in their 20s who get accustomed to images, rather than text messages. Accordingly, the functions and roles of SNS UI have varied, and usability has been more important. With the users in their 20s who use image-based SNS, this study tried to look into the usability of the image-based SNS. To do that, heuristic evaluation method was applied to find UI problems. The main factors constituting usability were extracted, and user evaluation method was redesigned. Aside from the satisfaction measurement, this study conducted and analyzed a questionnaire survey with users in their 20s who used actual image-based SNS. This study analyzed usability factors that influenced of image-based SNS users. The analysis results are considered to be used as a fundamental material to improve usability in the process of developing social media service.


Usability;Usability Evaluation;Heuristic Evaluation;Social Network Service


Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea


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