Study on Developing Inventory of Students Satisfaction in University

대학교육 만족도 측정도구 개발에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2016.05.09
  • Accepted : 2016.07.04
  • Published : 2016.08.28


The aim of this study is to make an education satisfaction assessment tool in university. For this, the related study, researchers meeting were conducted and 20 university students were involved in checking items, and then inventory items were completed. The pilot test was conducted at university in Choongnam Province for EFA(Exploratory Factor Analysis by using outcome data. From them, 4 sub-areas and 12 factors were consisted. The 4 sub-areas are education method, education contents, education environment, and education outputs. The education method is composed of appropriateness and fairness of classroom activities, the education contents are composed of systemization of education contents, the diversity and quality of education contents, and the effectiveness of education contents. The education environment is configured as educational facilities and environment, educational supporting service and administrative services. For content validity, items which adapted over 0.90 S-CVI : Standard Content Validity Index. To 48 inventory items obtained proper contents validity and reliability, measurement of suitability of verification was conducted. Cronbach's ${\alpha}$ of reliability test has emerged as highly 0.987. In CFA(Complimentary Factor Analysis), CFGFI, CFL, TLI, RMSEA, NFI indexes show a good value, therefore, this assessment tool for educational satisfaction in university is suitable for measuring tool.


Inventory of Education Satisfaction;Factors


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