Analysis of Radioactive Characterization in the Medical Linear Accelerator Shielding Wall Using Monte Carlo Method

몬테칼로법을 이용한 의료용 선형가속기 차폐벽의 방사화 특성 분석

  • 이동연 (동남권 원자력의학원 방사선종양학과) ;
  • 박은태 (인제대학교 부산 백 병원 방사선종양학과)
  • Received : 2016.07.25
  • Accepted : 2016.08.29
  • Published : 2016.10.28


This study analyzed for the radioactive shielding wall, which shields the medical linear accelerator. This allows to evaluate the level of waste with respect to the shield wall, which accounts for more than half of the cost of dismantling later linac facility. In addition, by analyzing the waste processing method according we discuss the way to obtain the benefits in terms of dismantling cost. Results of the simulate, the amount sufficient to screen the amount of neutron radiation occurring in the shielding wall linac was measured. And neutron activation analysis results were analyzed nuclides more than about 20. This analysis was in excess of that, $^{24}Na$, $^{45}Ca$, $^{59}Fe$ nucleus paper deregulation concentration. The value is reduced is greater the deeper the depth of the shielding wall concentration. Based on this, three specific areas (E, F, G) was estimated to be impossible to landfill or recycling. The rest area was estimated to be buried or recycled if possible more than a predetermined depth.


Linear Accelerator;Neutron;Radioactivation;Simulation;Concrete


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