Notify boiling water by using TMP36 sensor

  • Lau, Shuai (School of Medical Industry, Shandong University of political science and law)
  • Received : 2016.01.23
  • Accepted : 2016.03.15
  • Published : 2016.12.30


These days, citizens have a lot of ways to get access to IT. In the past, they tended to neglect IT that was thought to be difficult. But, currently, everyone can manufacture and get access not only software but also hardware when he has an idea. Arduino is used. Rinnai had recently released new product named Smart Sensor Range. Safe consumer who gave priority to the safety made new trend gave attention to fire prevention and smart sensor range. The ones who buy gas range prefer safety to economic advantage and/or fire power. The safety system does not always prevent fire accident. This study makes design and produces alarm that perceives temperature of pot when boiling. Not only temperature sensor but also alarm sensor was used to make alarm of boiling water and to give convenient living life. The arduino can be used at practical life to make products for various kinds of people. The invention can give convenience to housewives at kitchen, children and many persons making use of gas range. Another function can be added to develop. This arduino can develop a lot of products by using the study and other designs.