Design and Experimental Validation of a Digital Predictive Controller for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine Systems

  • Babes, Badreddine (Automatic Laboratory of Setif (LAS), Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Setif 1) ;
  • Rahmani, Lazhar (Automatic Laboratory of Setif (LAS), Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Setif 1) ;
  • Chaoui, Abdelmadjid (Laboratory of Power Quality in Electrical Networks (QUERE), University of Setif 1) ;
  • Hamouda, Noureddine (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Constantine, University of Mentouri Brothers)
  • Received : 2016.07.30
  • Accepted : 2016.11.21
  • Published : 2017.01.20


Advanced control algorithms must be used to make wind power generation truly cost effective and reliable. In this study, we develop a new and simple control scheme that employs model predictive control (MPC), which is used in permanent magnet synchronous generators and grid-connected inverters. The proposed control law is based on two points, namely, MPC-based torque-current control loop is used for the generator-side converter to reach the maximum power point of the wind turbine, and MPC-based direct power control loop is used for the grid-side converter to satisfy the grid code and help improve system stability. Moreover, a simple prediction scheme is developed for the direct-drive wind energy conversion system (WECS) to reduce the computation burden for real-time applications. A small-scale WECS laboratory prototype is built and evaluated to verify the validity of the developed control methods. Acceptable results are obtained from the real-time implementation of the proposed MPC methods for WECS.


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