A Study on the Duty of the Business Owner in the Contents(Casino) Corporation related with the Commercial Law - In the case of claim for damages of the gambler against the Kangwon Land(Supreme Ct. 2014.8.21, 2010다92438 case)

상법상 유기장콘텐츠 영업주(카지노영업주)의 주의의무에 관한 연구 -강원랜드 카지노 이용자의 손해배상청구의 경우 (대판 2014.8.21., 2010다92438 전원합의체 판결)

  • 전우현 (한양대학교 법학전문대학원)
  • Received : 2017.10.17
  • Accepted : 2017.10.24
  • Published : 2017.12.28


This is Kangwon Land casino case due to the damages of betting money, which is likely to affect the contents industry in the future. The reason why the gambler and his family's suit is that why the manager did not control their own access or did not supervise the wagering rules. The provisions of the "Restriction on the amount of money to be paid to the casino" in the Article 14 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on the Support for the Development of the Abandoned Mine Area are not intended to increase the duty of the casino managers. It is just one of many public regulations imposed. No matter what legislation is made for public interest, it can not be considered equally in the private duty. If so, too much effort will be required to enact or amend the public law and this makes the legislative activity impossible. The Act on the Restriction on Access to the Casino shall be construed accordingly. From the point of view of economic efficiency theory, if we overestimate statutory duties (liability for compensation) excessively, the price goes up on the market, and the volume of transaction decreases drastically. This reduces the economic utility of resources in the society as a whole (total output, foreign currency acquisition amount, etc.).


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