Measurement of Absolute Displacement-Amplitude of Ultrasonic Wave Using Piezo-Electric Detection Method

압전형 수신 기법을 이용한 초음파 절대변위진폭 측정

  • 박성현 (한양대학교 융합기계공학과) ;
  • 김종범 (한양대학교 융합기계공학과) ;
  • 장경영 (한양대학교 기계공학부)
  • Received : 2016.10.27
  • Accepted : 2017.02.10
  • Published : 2017.02.28


A nonlinear ultrasonic parameter is defined by the ratio of displacement amplitude of the fundamental frequency component to that of the second-order harmonic frequency component. In this study, the ultrasonic displacement amplitude of an SUS316 specimen was measured via a piezo-electric-based method to identify the validity of piezo-electric detection method. For comparison, the ultrasonic displacement was also determined via a laser-based Fabry-Pérot interferometer. The experimental results for both measurements were in good agreement. Additionally, the stability of the repeated test results from the piezo-electric method exceeded that of the laser-interferometric method. This result indicated that the piezo-electric detection method can be utilized to measure a nonlinear ultrasonic parameter due to its excellent stability although it involves a complicated process.


Supported by : 한국연구재단


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