Real-Time Estimation of Yaw Moment of Inertia of a Travelling Heavy Duty Truck

주행하는 대형 트럭의 요관성모멘트 실시간 추정

  • Received : 2016.09.11
  • Accepted : 2016.11.29
  • Published : 2017.03.01


To achieve an advanced control of automobiles, it is necessary to acquire the values of the parameters of a vehicle in real time to conduct precise vehicle control practices such as automatic platooning control. Vehicle control is especially required in controlling trucks, as the mass and inertia change widely according to the loading conditions. Thereafter, we propose to estimate the yaw moment of inertia of the truck in real-time during travelling, by applying the dual Kalman filter algorithm, which estimates the state variables and values of the parameters simultaneously in real-time. The simulation results show that the proposed method is effective for the estimation, which uses commercial software for simulating and analyzing the vehicle dynamics.


Vehicle Dynamics;Parameter Identification;Simulation;ITS


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