Preparation of Graphene-BiOCl/Fe3O4 Nanocomposites and Their Use as Photocatalysts for Organic Dyes Degradation

  • Received : 2017.02.02
  • Accepted : 2017.02.14
  • Published : 2017.03.31


Graphene-$BiOCl/Fe_3O_4$ nanocomposites were synthesized from $BiOCl/Fe_3O_4$ and graphene in an electric furnace operating at $700^{\circ}C$ for 12 h. The nanocomposite surface morphology and crystal structure were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The produced graphene-$BiOCl/Fe_3O_4$ nanocomposites acted as efficient heterogeneous photocatalysts for the degradation of organic dyes, as confirmed by UV-vis spectrophotometry.


Supported by : Sahmyook University


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