A case of Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp treated by Hyeongbangpaedoksangamibang

형방패독산가미방(荊防敗毒散加味方)을 병행한 소아두피지루성 피부염 치험 1례

  • Koo, Jin Suk (Dept. of Bioresource Sciences, Andong National Univ.) ;
  • Seo, Bu Il (Dept. of Korean Medicine, Daegu Hanny Univ.)
  • 구진숙 (안동대학교 자연과학대학 생약자원학과) ;
  • 서부일 (대구한의대학교 한의과대학)
  • Received : 2017.04.14
  • Accepted : 2017.05.20
  • Published : 2017.05.30


Objectives : Seborrheic dermatitis is common abnormal skin condition characterized by flaking and itch. In seborrheic dermatitis, the flakes are greasy and yellowish. Inflammation is also observed. Through this paper we can understand the process of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and confirm the scalp changes in the treatment process. The purpose of this study was to report the clinical effects of herbal medicine on Seborrheic dermatitis Methods : We employed oriental medical treatments; herbal-medication (Hyeongbangpaedoksangamibang), infant acupuncture, moxibustion and blood therapy. We treated her three times a week. She took medicine three times a day after a meal. During taking medicine, we let her avoid fatty food, flour based food. Her father took a picture the patient's head parts and we compared the symptom with previous symptom. With the picture, we evaluated the patient's scalp condition. Results : After taking treatment, the scalp condition of the patient was much improved. At first, yellowish to reddish scaly pimples appear along the hairline and itching was severe. There were thick and black crusts on the scalp, red, greasy skin covered with flaky white or yellow scales. After that the crusts were fell off and the itching was disappeared during the treatment period. And then the hair loss was occurred. After a year of treatment, scalp condition and hair were back to normal. Conclusion : Herbal medicine (Hyeongbangpaedoksangamibang) with oriental medical treatments was effective in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and it helped to improve regenerating the scalp condition.


Hyeongbangpaedoksan;Hyeongbangpaedoksangamibang Seborrheic Dermatitis of the scalp


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