Reforming of Expanded Graphite for Improving Fire Resistance of Fireproof Sealant

방화용 실란트의 내화성 향상을 위한 첨가제로서 팽창흑연의 개질

  • Received : 2017.04.26
  • Accepted : 2017.05.26
  • Published : 2017.08.10


This study was carried out to investigate the volumetric expansion ratio and hardness of expanded graphite after coating with various resins which were used as an additive of fireproof sealant. The coating thickness of the resin, which represents the coating rate, was dependent of the drying speed of the resin and the viscosity of the resin. Therefore the coating thickness was shown as follows: polyvinyl acetate > acrylic resin > urethane resin > water soluble latex. Furthermore, the volumetric expansion ratio was as follows: urethane resin > water soluble latex > acrylic resin > polyinyl acetate and the hardness was as follows: polyvinyl acetate resin > acrylic resin > water soluble latex > urethane resin. This showed that the volume of expansion was reduced by expansion, which was not covered by coating, but significantly increased by increasing hardness and allowed it to be used as a refractory addition. According to the response surface methodology, the optimized addition amount and stirring speed of acrylic resin were 37.6 wt% and 441.4 rpm, respectively.


Supported by : 중소기업청


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