Development of Interoperability Technology in Railway Wireless Communication Systems

철도 무선통신시스템 연동 기술 개발

  • Received : 2017.06.30
  • Accepted : 2017.08.01
  • Published : 2017.08.31


Currently, railway wireless communication systems adopt several communication schemes depending on the specific region. To increase data rate and achieve high fidelity in railway wireless communication systems, LTE-R scheme has been developed. In this paper, We introduce interoperability technology which converges several railway communication systems including LTE-R. First, we consider two interoperability methods and their standardization. Some empirical test results of interoperability technology are also introduced. It is expected to provide seamless and statable railway communication environments by applying interoperability technologies to railway wireless communication systems.


Supported by : 국토교통과학기술진흥원


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