Evaluation of Uplift Forces Acting on Fastening Systems at the Bridge Deck End Considering Nonlinear Behaviors of the Fastening Systems

체결장치 비선형 거동을 고려한 교량 단부에서의 체결장치 압상력 평가

  • Yang, Sin Chu (Dept. of High-speed Railroad System Research Center, Korea Railroad Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, Hak Hyung (KRTC) ;
  • Kong, Jung Sik (Dept. of Civil & Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Korea University)
  • Received : 2017.07.11
  • Accepted : 2017.08.17
  • Published : 2017.08.31


In this study, vertical loading tests were conducted to investigate the nonlinear behaviors of the fastening systems that have generally been used in the concrete track of domestic railway lines. Nonlinear load-displacement curve models were derived based on the test results. The uplift forces generated in the fastening systems were evaluated by applying the derived nonlinear models as well as the existing linear models. The influence of the factors on the maximum uplift force of the fastening system was analyzed through a parameter study on the distance between neighboring sleepers, the horizontal distance between the center of the bearing and the nearest fastening system from the deck end, and the height of the bridge girder. From the evaluation results it is known that, for economical track and bridge design, due to deck end deformation, it is necessary to consider the nonlinear behavior of the fastening system in the calculation of the uplift force of the fastening systems.


Grant : 강성변화율이 낮은 탄성패드 및 교량용 특수레일 체결장치 개발

Supported by : 산업통상자원부


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