A Study on the Comparative Analysis on Domestic/Foreign College Musicals and Dance Curriculums

국내·외 대학 뮤지컬과 무용교육과정 비교분석 연구

  • 배혜령 (청운대학교 뮤지컬학과) ;
  • 신종철 (청운대학교 뮤지컬학과)
  • Received : 2017.06.19
  • Accepted : 2017.07.21
  • Published : 2017.09.28


The objective of this study is to suggest problems and complementation of Korean curriculum by comparatively analyzing curriculums of domestic/foreign musical-related departments. In order to compare differences in domestic/foreign curriculums, selecting musical-related departments of domestic colleges with four-year course and 2 or 3-year course, and also five musical-related schools in the US and another five schools in France, the actual lesson status of dance curriculum was researched. In the results, for the development of Korean musical, it would be necessary to reorganize its curriculum. First, the systematic dance curriculum suitable for musical site would be needed. Second, the dance technique lesson suitable for diversified musical expressions should be strengthened. Third, teaching methods for the characterized musical dance would be necessary. Above all, we need effective education method concerned with performance venues. Musical students are facing difficulties in performing acting, singing, and dancing at the same time. In reality, it is even tough to learn a single area among them. For the original Korean-style musical that could be imitated by no one, the systematic curriculum of college is very important.


Musical;Dance Education;Musical Education


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