Complete denture treatment using lingualized occlusion scheme at the edentulous patient with severely absorbed flat residual ridges: a case report

심한 치조골 흡수로 인해 편평한 치조제를 보이는 완전 무치악 환자에서 설측 교두 교합을 이용한 의치 수복 증례

  • Choi, Bum-Shik (Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Dankook University) ;
  • Lee, Joon-Seok (Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Dankook University)
  • 최범식 (단국대학교 치과대학 치과보철학교실) ;
  • 이준석 (단국대학교 치과대학 치과보철학교실)
  • Received : 2017.07.10
  • Accepted : 2017.07.29
  • Published : 2017.09.30


Many factors should be considered for successful denture treatment at edentulous patients: support, retention, stability, occlusion, esthetics, etc. The patient who has severely absorbed residual ridges, however, treatments are challenging to satisfy those factors. The dentures that use anatomic artificial teeth show good mastication efficiency and esthetics but, can easily lose stability at absorbed ridges. On the contrary, the dentures that use non-anatomic artificial teeth perform better stability but, lower masticatory efficiency and esthetics at absorbed ridges. The lingualized occlusion, using both anatomic and non-anatomic teeth, introduced for compromise those of the pros and cons. At lingualized occlusion, buccal cusps of the teeth do not contact on centric relation. Therefore, direction of the occlusal force towards lingually, then stability of dentures increases. This case report shows the results of the treatment flat residual ridges using complete dentures with ligualized occlusion to increase dentures stability and satisfactory of the patient.


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